Department Medici Firma Crisis Response & Support

Officials &

Department MF is working – around the clock with local, State & Federal agencies to serve the local communities, mitigate risk, save lifes, help local business and create jobs.


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Providers &

Department MF is seeking- within 20 miles of major in the US: for Food, Security, PPE, Sanitation, and service-related companies who can assist in the effort in saving lives.


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Hotels &
Asset Mgrs.

Department MF is seeking facilities (confidentiality – compensated) which can be utilized for quarantine and monitoring. Contact our team and see if your facility can quality.


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Volunteer and Make an Impact.

We have developed a program to be delivered rapidly, over the course of weeks, to support industries in managing the Coronavirus crisis, followed by ongoing support and intelligence for the duration of the crisis, or until the situation has stabilized.

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